Metrolite IntD

Low-Iron Glass is made up of clear float glass by reducing its green tint and iron content to achieve optimum clarity and vision. Low-Iron Glass can be further processed such as heat treating, laminating, insulating, coating and bending etc. 

Ceramic Fritted is an application of fused, colored ceramic paint to glass provides architects and designers with a new dimension in the use of patterned glass by offering a cost effective and unobtrusive means of minimizing exposure and controlling the amount of light transmission. This type of patterned decorative glass is created by silk-screening the selected color and pattern onto one surface of the glass. Once the pattern has been applied, the glass is either tempered or heat strengthened with the heat generated within the furnace sufficient to fuse the ceramic paint onto the glass.

Anti-Reflective Glass is clear glass with a specially-designed coating which reflects a very low percentage of light. It offers maximum transparency and optical clarity, allowing optimum viewing through the glass at all times. The clarity of vision makes anti-reflective glass suitable for all applications where glass should be transparent.

Switchable Screen Glass is a laminated glass, with a minimum of two clear or colored sheets of glass and a liquid crystal film, assembled between at least two plastic interlayers. A technologically advanced emulsion of liquid crystal integrated into a switchable interlayer unleashes the power to change the view from translucent to clear, electrically in a fraction of a second. Window blinds won't be necessary if window glasses darken by themselves. Light-control glasses make this concept a reality. At the flick of a switch you can go from a clear glass to a translucent glass which still allows plenty of neutral light to enter.

Mirror are made from high quality float glass and advanced technology which comes with a wide range of mirror products ranging from the normal mirrors to the copper free mirrors.