MHG® SolarComfort

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MHG® SolarComfort

Clear, Low Iron Clear, Green, Blue, Light Gray, Gray


Hard Coated, Soft Coated


24mm, 28mm, 31.52mm, 33.52mm


Heat Strengthened, Tempered


Window & Door | Curtain Wall | Shopfront | Skylight (Laminated DGU)



MHG® SolarComfort promote the efficient management of solar energy which is crucial for reducing energy consumption.


In situations where temperatures are high or buildings have significant internal heat loads, solar control measures are implemented to minimize solar heat gain by rejecting solar radiation and managing glare.

In areas with more moderate temperatures, solar control can be balanced with the need for abundant natural light.


The management of solar heat radiation by glass is accomplished through three primary mechanisms: reflectance, transmittance, and absorbance.


These mechanisms can be defined as follows:


Reflectance refers to the percentage of solar radiation that is reflected back into the atmosphere by the glass.


Direct transmittance represents the percentage of solar radiation that passes directly through the glass.


Absorbance is the percentage of solar radiation that is absorbed by the glass.