MHG® HSafe

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MHG® HSafe 

Clear, Low Iron Clear, Green, Blue, Light Gray, Gray, Dark Gray, Bronze


5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm


Heat Strengthened, Tempered


Window & Door | Curtain Wall | Shopfront | Auto Door | Canopy (Laminated) | Skylight (Laminated) | Railing (Laminated) | Glass Partition


MHG® HSafe is manufactured by heating the glass to its softening point and then rapidly cooling the surface using compressed air. This causes the surface layers of the glass to solidify, while the central region remains at a higher temperature.


As the central part cools and solidifies, it contracts in comparison to the surface layers. This results in the surface layers being compressed and the central region being under tension.


The stress distribution through the glass, which is approximately parabolic in shape, allows the glass pane to withstand much higher stresses than ordinary annealed glass.


MHG® HSafe has significantly increased bending strength, enabling it to handle greater deflections without reaching critical stress levels.